The Bridge Between 2018

Happy New Year’s Day. I hope that your Christmas, Kwanza and Chanukah were more than you wanted them to be, and that 2018 exceeds all of your expectations.

My #1 expectation is to complete and launch The Bridge Between (TBB). The drafts of all of the chapters are nearly complete — only two are left — Era 3 which covers the graduating classes from 1970 to 1973, and the Epilogue, which I won’t write until the final chapter drafts are completed.

Some of the chapters you saw in earlier Tables of Content have been subdivided into smaller ones which stand alone in telling the TBB story. For example, TBB Era 2 — graduates from 1968 to 1970 — has morphed into two chapters. The first covers the three Era 2 school years gerenally, and the second is dedicated entirely to the 1968 school year — the riots in Waterloo, East High walkouts, protests and closures, and the various investigations into that the causes of what is arguably the most turbulent era in the town’s history.

Additional graphics have been added. This one shows the WCSD schools in 1963-1972, color-coded to indicate whether they’re East or West Side facilities, if they were added after the three-district merger in 1963 or built after 1969.

1972 WCSD Schools Maps_ICONS_PNG

One of the self-discoveries I’ve made while writing, among others, is the number of elementary schools I never knew existed in town. It struck me that there were Logan Junior classmates who came from those schools, but that wasn’t something of which I was aware. Similarly at East, I knew which kids were from Logan and McKinstry, but had no clue as to which elementary school they may have attended. That educational pathway pedigree wasn’t something which was as relevant to us as our social standing and whether or not we were in a relationship.

Susan wants a completion date, as do others, as do I. I have a fourth project target date in mind, but know from writing past books and papers that — absent an absolute publication deadline — the writing is over when the story is complete. With the “life is what happens” interruptions, writing time has been sporadic. 6-8:30 am, late evening, and any other time I can scrounge during the day.

Thank you again for your continued interest and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Waterloo book launch sometime in 2018 . . . .

Jekyll, 10 June 2017, Nick and Susan, #01

And, no, that’s not today. Try June. It’s 32 here today with drizzle and light snow. Thank the industrial nations there’s no such thing as global warming . . . .

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