Manuscript Draft Completed

The Bridge Between manuscript draft was completed yesterday morning. 05 February 2016, and sent to my four incredibly gracious, volunteer, experienced and candid editors for their feedback before I polish the final manuscript. I’m cautiously optimistic about a Waterloo launch before the end of the current Waterloo school year. I’ll be working on chasing some missing information, the launch and the publishing until all the feedback has been received.

TBB Participant Data by HS_06Feb18

This was the breakdown of the participant pool in December. There have been a few additional conversations since. Not unexpectedly, East and white females were the most represented. I’m going to be contacting some more Orange and Columbus graduates the rest of this week and the next.  And black graduates. If you know or someone else you know is in any of these categories and haven’t/hasn’t participated and would like to do so, let me know. The conversation usually takes about 45 minutes at your convenience. Send me an email at and we’ll schedule a time.TBB Participant Data by Gender & Race_06Feb18

After next week, it won’t be possible to make additions to the books.

This was a project which couldn’t have been completed by the Waterloo 1963-1973 (give or take) high school graduates community.To all of you who are in a true sense co-authors, with humble gratitude, THANK YOU !!!

Signature INITIALS



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