Share Your High School Photos

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, hope you know where your photos iz . . . 

Spring has traditionally been synonymous with cleaning out, so here’s an opportunity to locate and dive into the photo albums, shoe boxes, grocery bags or storage containers from high school.

If you’d be willing to share high school photos, I’d like to include them in the book with “Contributed by Roseanne Rosanna Danna, E/C/C/O/W High 1973” as the tag. Not using the head & shoulders class shots, but looking for shots of high school events, activities participated in or attended, from sports to drama to variety shows to hallways, dances, with a friend or more. Given The Bridge Between theme, photos of biracial interaction would be especially appropriate. I’m thinking of photos I’ve seen from all five schools’ yearbooks of athletes, cheerleaders, band members, student government leaders et al. interacting with people from other schools. I will be thankful for and humbled by your participation in this project.

To facilitate the collection and review of the photos, please email *.jpg/jpeg, *.png, *.gif or other generic photo files to drnickdebonis@gmail. com.

Gmail has been configured to automatically sort your emails so that I don’t miss any in the 100 or so emails I receive a day.


I’ll send a quick reply that it has/they have been received. If any are used, I’ll also let you know. The only editing which would be done would be to crop, lighten or sharpen the photo. No photoshopping will be done.The editor says that you need to know submitting a photo means giving permission for me to include it in the book, which will be sold, and that I’ll also send you a photo release if selected.

Looking forward to completing the manuscript and publishing TBB.

Here’s the latest chapter lineup; I don’t anticipate any changes, but until it comes off the press . . . .

  • TBB Preface (written by the author) or Foreword (written by someone other than the author)
  • TBB 1 The Bridge Between (the set-up)
  • TBB 2 The Cedar River: As Wide as the Pacific (the river was a boundary)
  • TBB 3 Guess Who’s Coming to Class (learning about race/ethnicity, bias and prejudice)
  • TBB 4 Triumvirate: Community, City Administration & the BOE (was tentatively entitled “The Unholy 3;” still working on something less erudite and more in keeping with the other chapter titles)
  • TBB 5 High School in Waterloo Was Black & White (the data and HS profiles)
  • TBB 6 ERA 1: Fall of 1963 to graduation 1966 — Calm Before the Perfect Storm (very little activism during this part of the TBB decade)
  • TBB 7 ERA 2: Fall of 1966 to graduation 1970 — The Perfect Storm Takes Shape (activism stirs and explodes during this era)
  • TBB 8 1968: The Perfect Storm Batters Waterloo (“OOh, what a night, mid September, back in ’68. What a very special date, As I remember the summer of hate. . .” Working on a rewrite of Franki Valli’s December, 1963 (Oh, What A Night),  released in December 1975)
  • TBB 9 ERA 3: Fall of 1970 to graduation 1973 — The Post-Storm Surge (attempts to find and implement an acceptable integration strategy in a social and political environment which didn’t want it)
  • TBB 10 Racial Lessons Learned & Impact on Graduates’ Lives (this is more of a synopsis than a title, but I haven’t started the final rewrite of the manuscript yet.

Stay tuned. Meanwhile . . . .

Spring has sprung, weather’s a peach. Definitely time to take a break on the beach . . . . 

Weather forecast 16Mar18.jpg

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